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  • The ease of use, the communication with the doctor, I feel safe and it's really nice I don't have to deal with visiting my personal doctor cause I have yet to find one near me that I like/trust/respect. Carla S.
  • it's a lot less expensive than it would cost you in a pharmacy. You would have to go to a compounding pharmacy to get the creams. Not to mention paying for doctor's visits and insurance usually will not cover hormone replacement therapy. I have been using this service for a few months now and it's amazing. I get everything automatically delivered to my door and I have never felt better :) Dawn K.
  • It is very hard to get hormone help with menopause thank goodness BY WINONA has made it a breeze. Fantastic customer service, fast access to great doctors makes getting help so easy. Thank you so much to BY WINONA this company has given me the ability to get what I need and has helped me to feel better. In a time when women's health doesn't seem to get the attention it deserves BY WINONA puts women's wellness first. I am grateful to them. Helena A.
  • Winona has been a helpful approach to hormone balance for me and is convenient to use this service, especially during the pandemic. The physician has been communicative and helpful as has the rest of the staff. I would highly recommend trying it! Naomi B.
  • Great customer service, very quick response time. Safe and natural products with lots of information available. Sienna F.
  • I was lost when I stumbled upon Winona. I didn’t know where to find relief from my symptoms. I was a little skeptical this would help, but I started feeling better in a few weeks. Winona has helped me feel like I have control over my life again and I feel energized for the first time in months. Kimberly P.
  • This is one Facebook ad I’m glad I clicked on! From the first use, my sleeping improved and my night sweats decreased. I sleep through the night and sleep cooler. My weight has also stabilized.. The only thing different…. the addition of Winona. I’m ordering again… it is worth the price! Rani G.
  • Thanks to Winona I can sleep again, I feel more energetic and I can control my weight, I love this product and I 100% recommended especially if you have problems sleeping. Claudia M.
  • I suffered for 4 months with night sweats and hot flashes after a hysterectomy! I tried everything I could natural and nothing helped! I signed up with Winona and got my prescription quickly and within 4 days of taking my pills and using my cream, I have not had another night’s sweat and my sleeping is getting better every day! I highly recommend Winona! Roneka Jones A.
  • I was skeptical about Winona at first. I have tried patches and oral HRT to manage my menopausal symptoms to no avail. I signed up for Winona with minimal optimism. The process was very easy, and the price is comparable to what I paid for my previous treatment. My order arrived and I started using the cream and DHEA a little over a month ago. I am excited to say my hot flashes have decreased significantly and I have started seeing my scale numbers go down. My sleep has improved and I am so grateful! Thank you Winona! Cynthia M.
  • I used to wake up every night at 2 or 3am- night sweats were no fun! For the last 3 weeks after taking the regimen they are almost gone! I couldn’t be more happier! Thank you!! Thank you!! Leena A
  • So glad I finally found a safe, and easy way to get my menopause symptoms under control. Thank you Winona! Winona Patient
  • You guys are amazing! This stuff is a miracle! Winona Patient
  • Awesome on the weight loss! Winona Patient
  • I fell on the menopause grid, so my hormones were low! Now, I feel like my old self! Winona Patient
  • It’s awful that menopause isn’t taken seriously. Women get the short end of the stick on everything! … Doctors dismiss symptoms, even female doctors. It’s overwhelming!! ...Thx you for supporting us girls! Winona Patient

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