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You are experiencing symptoms of menopause (i.e. weight gain, irregular periods, mood changes, hot flashes).

You have questions about what your doctor has previously told you.

You have tried other menopause treatments, but they haven't worked.

You want to learn more about the risks of taking hormones.

You are curious about the different treatment options.

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What Patients Have to Say

  • After trying out a few herbal supplements recommended for hot flashes and hormonal weight gain without much success, that route turned out not to be the right approach for me. Remembering to take the supplements several times a day was mentally taxing. After three months, I barely noticed a difference in the frequency of hot flashes, and there was no effect on the weight gain. I thought maybe I should give it more time, but my blood work turned up some concerning results. My doctor told me to stop all the herbal supplements, and I was back at the drawing board. I noticed an ad for Winona on Facebook, and I initially ignored it because I had an idea in my head of what HRT was based on what I heard from my mother's friends years ago. After a few weeks of scrolling past the ad and suffering through several hot flashes a day (and escaping from bed in the middle of the night to stop the sweaty discomfort of being touched), I finally resigned to try HRT. Reading through the Winona website, I realized that HRT might not be the same unpleasant experience today that it used to be. Since it was an easy online assessment and ordering process, I gave it a shot. I've been using Winona for a little over a month, and I feel so much better! Occasionally I will forget it for a day, but it's not the end of the world. It's so easy to use, and I haven't experienced any unusual side effects. My hot flashes are down to one a day on average, and they only last a minute or two max. I sleep better, I can cuddle in bed again and my midsection appears to be firming up. I am able to exercise more because I have some of my energy back, and I'm not pouring sweat minute I start moving.

    Hester B.
  • Yes I’m Happy to Provide Both Written & Video if you like! Honestly I truly believe that this product has saved my life! Without Winona I don’t know what I would have done! I was up 7-10 times a night with night sweats so severe I was soaked I’d have to change all of my pajamas and leg cramps so bad I could not stand, I was not getting any sleep, I thought I was losing my mind, I Truly Believe that Winona “SAVED MY LIFE”! I previously went through menopause at age 47 had massive breakthrough bleeding and had blood clots at age 51-52. I had a horrible radical hysterectomy @ 53 and was being told I had to go through the menopause all over again without any help! Nothing was helping! After my radical hysterectomy all of my symptoms of menopause began again! (Wait what??) Yes you heard it I was going through menopause again! The night sweats, the leg cramps, the waking up every 45 minutes! I thought I was going to loose my mind again!! HOWEVER, Winona to the Rescue! Saved my life literally, Within one week the night sweats ceased and I was sleeping through the night and I actually felt human again! Thanks Winona!

    Julie Y.
  • I was skeptical about Winona at first. I have tried patches and oral HRT to manage my menopausal symptoms to no avail. I signed up for Winona with minimal optimism. The process was very easy, and the price is comparable to what I paid for my previous treatment. My order arrived and I started using the cream and DHEA a little over a month ago. I am excited to say my hot flashes have decreased significantly and I have started seeing my scale numbers go down. My sleep has improved and I am so grateful! Thank you Winona!

    Cynthia M.
  • The one thing I’m pretty confident I can say is that I can attribute to the cream and pill to is that my flushing seems to have almost completely disappeared. I have had an increased energy level so that is promising too. I’ve seen no weight loss to speak of but I’m moving more and I feel more positive. That said, if I don’t see progress toward feeling more and more like my peri menopausal self in the coming weeks, I know my optimism will fade. I am hopeful and will continue to use the products as prescribed. Thank you for reaching out and for giving me this opportunity for an improved quality of life.

    Dawn J.
  • I would like to relay how easy this process is. I have been trying for many years to just have access to these menopausal treatments. I have asked many doctors through the years but they just don't seem familiar or even interested in prescribing. One doctor I asked said sure but I don't know how to prescribe, so he wrote on a prescription slip that I could get the cream. I took it to the compounding pharmacy and they were like "what is this"? - it's like a permission slip but it doesn't tell us anything. I asked my Gyno and he said just try the hormone therapy first then we can go that route. I didn't want to do that. I finally went to a "natural doctor" and she prescribed it for me but she also charged for every visit and wanted me to have all this blood work done not covered by insurance etc, etc. - it really added up quickly. Plus, you had to keep going to visits to continue to get the prescription. I kept seeing Winona pop up on Facebook and finally decided to check into it and see if it would be as easy as it looked. Yes! It was that easy! I answered all the questions, the doctor sent a recommendation on what to take, and I had my order shipped to me shortly thereafter. It has been a couple months now and couldn't be happier that something I should have easy access to - I finally do. Thank you

    Christy J.
  • I have been taking the HRT for 2 mths and have had zero hot flashes at night, it’s helped with my mood, vaginal dryness and overall I can say I have felt much better!

    Tracey A.
  • I've been using HRT from Winona for 2 months and I'm actually quite happy with the effects so far. My period has been significantly lighter, I have more energy, and feel like perimenopausal symptoms are just better. I'm excited to see where the next few months will take me.

    Amy N.
  • Good afternoon, yes i can attest that Winona has made a difference. It has only been 2 months since i have been using the Estrogen and DHEA. I initially contacted Winona because a lack of sex drive. I have a younger husband who still needed loving whether I was in the mood or not. I have been using the estrogrn cream and DHEA for about 2 months now and I can honestly say my sex drive has returned full force. I have noticed my aging face has not looked as dull and dry lately. I still would like to see if hair will grow but i can wait since my #1 concern has been addressed.

    Lisa O.
  • Thanks to Winona I can sleep again, I feel more energetic and I can control my weight, I love this product and I 100% recommended specially if you have problems sleeping.

    Claudia M.
  • Before i started using Winona HRT, i was suffering with hot flashes, low energy and fatigue, insomnia, and my hair was falling out. I was skeptical at first, no hormone tests were used for our custom HRT. Our symptoms were the only observation. I have to tell you i am amazed how well i feel. After one month, no more hot flashes, i have more energy and i'm sleeping better at night. Thank you Winona!!

    Lori B.
  • I have struggled for years, trying to find the right treatment for my symptoms. I also suffer with migraines and wild fluctuations in hormone levels cause by oral medication only made them worse. The patches wouldn’t stay on and the pellets were very expensive and minor surgical procedures all the time is no fun. I thought I would give Winona a try. The online exam was quick and painless, the prescriptions arrived quickly. I have been using it for a few months and am extremely happy with the results. My skin is more radiant and I am getting my energy back. The mood swings and just not feeling like myself are leveling off. If you are suffering or just tired of being tired. I would recommend you give Winona a try! It might be the right solution for you too!

    Melisa A.
  • Hi everyone the reason why I decided share my experience is because since the first week I started Winona treatment my life changed for good. I used to sweat at night time, and my menstrual periods were so painful, but once I started the treatment all those discomforts ended. Besides that my doctor answer all the questions that I have very quickly. I really recommend Winona treatment you won’t regret it.

    Yoloxochitl T.
  • I am very impressed by the personal care offered by Winona. The online questionnaire was very easy to complete. I have used HRT in the past, and I am looking forward to seeing positive changes in my drive and moisture levels going forward! I appreciate Winona’s one on one care.

    Shannon I.
  • I’m 44 years old and have a history of poorly functioning ovaries and had a partial hysterectomy 3 years ago. Perimenopause has been rough on me and I’ve been gaining weight at a much more rapid pace than any other time in my life. I’ve tried diet and exercise and nothing was working for me, no matter how hard I tried. I was holding so much weight in my middle. Doctors kept telling me that hormone testing was too difficult to get consistent reads and wasn’t worth it and diet and exercise were the only solutions. It felt like my body was working against me. Consultations with specialists I spoke to were upwards of $175 an hour and I didn’t have that kind of money for something I wasn’t sure would work. I contacted By Winona mid-August this year after seeing them on Facebook. There was no fee to consult so I completed their questionnaire and opened a dialog with the doctor who actually listened to my struggles and put together a plan for me. My prescriptions were more affordable than one office visit copay. The doctor advised to give it a few weeks for it to start working. At the same time I started to monitor my calories daily and get some physical activity or workouts in a few times a week. The doctor is always available to email with questions and even proactively contact me to do check-ins to see how things are going. After the initial 4-6 weeks, I finally was able to start losing weight so that my efforts towards proper diet and exercise are making a difference. My mood, energy level, sex life and sleep cycles have all benefited and I’m starting to feel good about myself again. I’m so grateful to find someone that listened to my concerns, took them seriously and is continuously available to check in with, make adjustments and discuss enhanced treatments and all without having to pay ridiculous office visit prices and co-pays. I couldn’t be happier with my results.

    Shea M.
  • I found Winona by chance. I didn’t want to take traditional hormones due to my family history of breast cancer. I was suffering with hot flashes, lack of libido, dry skin and the worst being extreme brain fog. I felt like the aging process was on fast forward! Within a week of starting Winona my brain fog was so much better. I can multi-task again! My other symptoms have also vastly improved. I highly recommend trying Winona. It’s easy to access right from your home. I have reached out with questions for the doctor and he always responds quickly. I will be recommending Winona to all my friends.

    Kim S.
  • I have been using Winona for about a month and a half now. The instructions state full effects could take up to 3 months but I have already noticed that I am seeing some differences. The biggest difference is in my moods. I have suffered from menopausal depression and mood swings the last few years. This has been difficult because I've always been an upbeat and happy person naturally, so the change was not only hard on me but those close to me. The last few weeks I have noticed a definite improvement in my moods and have started to feel some joy in my life again. I am cautiously optimistic and am definitely going to keep on using Winona as that is the only change I've made. The hot flashes have also been less frequent and I've also noticed a slight increase in my sex drive which also seemed to disappear but shhh... we won't get into all that. Haha

    Shelly K.
  • Winona has been a life saver. I was barely approaching 40 and thought I would NEVER have the energy to keep up with my 4-year-old. I became cranky, tired, running on coffee, insomnia plagued me 3-4 nights a week. It wasn’t until I found Winona on an IG ad with a quiz. I thought to myself at 1 am, “What do I have to lose?”. Their quiz was unlike any other hormonal quiz that I had taken. I tried every diet. I know how to eat according to metabolism type. I have been to non-stop classes. Working out, eating right, nothing helped. While my peri-menopause symptoms were there, not even my PCP would diagnose me nor quiz me nor test me. I wanted to lose weight and gain energy AND sleep for once. After my quiz and results from Winona and Dr. Greene, I even learned that the sensation to urinate when my bladder was not full was a symptom. I walked into the belief that Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT was a hope. Pie in the sky. And nothing would make a difference. 3 months later, I am happy, smiling, easily losing weight, sleeping like a baby, well, maybe adult, and my monthly cycles evened out. Even flow, less cramps. My body is healthier. My mental state is ideal. Just do it. I wished any of my highly-rated doctor’s had considered HRT for me as a solution over the year that I complained to them. The app is easy to use. My FSA Card is available for my monthly prescriptions. Virtual health has never been better. Claire and Ashlie and Dr. Greene and the Winona Team have done something right. I’m NOT one to write any testimonials, but I have even taken pics of Winona’s cards to share with friends. I talk about it any chance I get. People need to know. Go Winona!!!! Go You!!!!!! Download the Winona app and get your quality of life back. My mom was even proud when I took my health into my own hands. Thanks, Winona Team. I am grateful to you for life!

    LeeAn G.
  • I have been on HRT for ~ 2months. The fist thing I noticed was a tremendous improvement in my energy levels in the morning. I am much more motivated to stick to my morning exercise routine. I think a lot of the reason why is because I now sleep more soundly. I also have my natural lubrication back after 10 years of menopause, which definitely helps with intimacy. So far, so good!

    Mary M.
  • I started out ten years ago with hormone imbalances. I have been paying $400 every 3-4 months for the dr visit and $400 for bloodwork o to be able to keep getting the prescriptions. I also was paying so much for the creams. So I thought I would try Winona out before my next dr appointment came up. So now two months later I’m literally loving it. I only pay for the creams. And they work just as well. But maybe better. My body seams to respond to them better for some reason. And I am free from those expensive dr visits. So happy that I gave it a try.

    Annmarie T.
  • For the first time since my hysterectomy, I actually feel like my “old self.” I had great interaction with the doctor who treated me with kindness and understanding - overall it felt like a very personalized experience.

    Kathy M.

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