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Did you know that you can use your FSA funds at Winona? Don’t let your valuable funds go to waste. Invest in your well-being, and maximize your FSA savings with Winona. 

What is an FSA?

A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is a financial arrangement that allows employees to set aside a portion of their pre-tax earnings to cover qualified medical expenses. These accounts are typically offered as part of employer-sponsored benefit plans and are governed by tax regulations. The funds contributed to an FSA are not subject to income or payroll taxes, providing a tax advantage for employees. The money in the FSA can be used for various medical expenses, such as co-payments, deductibles, prescription medications, and certain over-the-counter items.

Get the most out of your FSA:

New Patients

Click “start onboarding” and fill out our brief medical questionnaire.


Add your FSA card to the payment section in your Patient Portal. If you choose to pay with your regular credit card, we can send your FSA receipt to submit to your insurance.


Congrats, and welcome to Winona!

Current Patients

Message your doctor from your Patient Portal to let them know you want an early refill or to try Blossom!


Update your payment method to your FSA card OR download your FSA receipt from your account settings to be reimbursed by your FSA card issuer.


Way to go! Now not a single penny will go to waste.

Maximize your FSA savings with Winona!


Since FSA funds typically don’t rollover, it’s important to use your credits before the end of the year. This year, skip the crowded doctor's offices and take advantage of your leftover funds with Winona. Create your account, complete onboarding, and speak with your Winona physician within 24 hours.  

How should I use my FSA credits at Winona?



Blossom is a topical vasodilator formulated with an unscented and hypoallergenic base cream. The mechanism in Blossom increases blood flow to the clitoral and vaginal areas for an improved sexual experience. Blossom may enhance sexual satisfaction by heightening the body’s sexual response for easier stimulation, more lubrication and sensitivity, and stronger orgasms. Blossom is great for spicing things up in the bedroom with a partner or by yourself. 

Blossom is a great way for both current and new Winona patients to utilize leftover FSA benefits. New patients have the option to add Blossom to their treatment plan during checkout, but it can also be added to any treatment plan, at any time! If you’re a current patient and interested in trying Blossom, simply message your doctor in your Patient Portal.

Learn more about Blossom here
  • Prescription
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Safe to use with any condom
  • Free from parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic colorants, and fragrances

Use it or lose it!

While some plans do offer a grace period or carryover options, FSAs usually have a "use it or lose it" stipulation. This means that any funds left unused by the end of the plan year are forfeited.


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