Bioidentical DHEA Replacement Therapy

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Bio-identical Progesterone Replacement Therapy
How DHEA Works

DHEA is a hormone that is naturally made by the body, and works to make both male and female sex hormones within the body, specifically testosterone. While it may seem like women don’t need testosterone, it's imperative they have it. Our DHEA supplements may increase the levels of testosterone for women just enough to slow the signs of aging, improve muscle strength, increase metabolism, boost bone strength, help with thinning vaginal tissue, and even enhance memory.

How It Works

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"It has been 6 weeks and I feel amazing... I feel like I have energy and I am seeing changes in the way my skin and body looks." - Winona Patient

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Frequently Asked Questions

The DHEA is very safe at 50 mg per day or less. There have been problems with DHEA at the massive dosages that people use in the bodybuilding community. We have found that 25 mg is an effective dose for most women but will go to 50 mg if needed. We never prescribe above 50 mg.

There have been problems for women on estrogen replacement who then start DHEA getting too much estrogen. Your Winona physician takes the DHEA estrogen contribution into consideration when choosing the correct estrogen dose.

Most people don't have any side effects, and when people do experience side effects it is usually just in the initial few weeks while the body is adjusting. Occasional and temporary symptoms include bloating, mild nausea, and acne.

DHEA is provided at clinically safe and appropriate levels which would not cause excess hair growth.

If a woman takes excessive levels of testosterone (which we don't prescribe) she may experience "hirsutism" or excessive hair growth.

DHEA gets broken down into estrogen and testosterone in the body. It is a gentle way of increasing testosterone which is also important for women.

The cream and the DHEA together works really well for weight loss and even more important fat loss with muscle gain.

There may be a temporary gain of water weight over the first week or two, but that quickly goes away and you will see a redistribution of weight to lower your BMI and increase your lean muscle mass.

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