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If you’re suffering from uncomfortable menopause symptoms, you’re not alone. 85% of women experience perimenopause and menopause symptoms in their lifetime.

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Winona is the best thing to happen in my life. All my perimenopause symptoms are gone. No night sweats after 2 weeks. Then my skin, hair and over all weight is going down. I feel back to my 20.


I'm 52 years old and have been in perimenopause for about 6 years. I've been using the estrogen/progesterone cream from Winona for about 12 weeks now and have noticed a good change in my mental attitude and feeling better in general.


So thankful for Winona. The products they recommended changed my life. No more hot flashes. Winona has helped me live a better menopausal life. Also love the easy access to my doctor. He is just an email away and always quick to respond to my questions or concerns.


We treatLow energy

Doctor prescribed treatments for menopause symptoms.
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Bioidentical Treatments That Really Work
Estrogen Therapy

Estrogen Therapy

A powerful, base replacement therapy to assist in your overall wellness, with a focus on body, mood, mind, and sex.

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Progesterone Therapy

Progesterone Therapy

An assistive replacement therapy that may be recommended by your doctor alongside your estrogen treatment.

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An effective, combination therapy that gently boosts testosterone to help maintain healthy body weight, increase lean muscle, and improve libido.

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