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for women, by women.
for women, by women.
for women, by women.
for women, by women.
for women, by women.
for women, by women.
for women, by women.
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • The cost of our prescription products is dependent upon the treatment chosen. The creams and pills are more affordable than the patches.

    You can see all of our treatment options and their prices here: https://bywinona.com/shop

    You can also use your HSA (Health Saving Account) and FSA (Flexible Spending Account) to pay for Winona prescriptions at checkout.

    Or you can pay for your prescription yourself and submit your receipts to your insurance provider for possible reimbursement.

    Some private, or employer related insurance providers may pay for Winona, but it always depends on your insurance plan and deductible.

  • The cancer issue is nuanced. There are some studies that suggest a very slight increased risk of breast cancer, but other studies dispute this. There is likely a decreased risk of uterine cancer and likely also a decrease in colon cancer.

    Overall life expectancy is thought to be higher for women that start HRT before 60 than those that do not take it at all. Quality of life is also generally improved for women on hormone replacement therapy.

  • The process begins with our medical intake and eligibility process here: https://app.bywinona.com/eligibility

    During that process you will answer questions about your medical history and current symptoms. You also can specify any questions or concerns you have.

    After completing those questions you will be recommended some potential treatment options for you to specify any preferences you have.

    Next you will complete a quick identity verification step in order for your assigned physician to verify who you are.

    Once this is done you'll complete the process by adding a payment method to your account in case a prescription is written by your physician.

    Finally, you'll be taken to your patient portal where you'll be able to message with your Winona doctor. If you or the physician don't have any questions and you're deemed a good candidate for HRT, then the doctor may proceed with prescribing the treatment.

    All that said, your doctor will never prescribe treatment without first addressing any questions or concerns. Your doctor will also always be available for continued support through the patient portal.

  • The cream and the DHEA together works really well for weight loss and even more important fat loss with muscle gain.

    You will see a redistribution of weight to lower your BMI and increase your lean muscle mass. There may be a temporary gain of water weight over the first week or two, but that quickly goes away and you start getting the desired weight loss.

    You still need to eat right and exercise of course. Besides the direct metabolic effects, you should also sleep better with these medications. This also helps with weight loss by affecting cortisol and decreasing the food cravings we get when we are tired.

    Don't expect to lose a lot of weight the first month, slow steady progress is what to expect, this does add up over time. The medications reverse metabolic effects of falling hormone levels. Like reversing a moving train, first, the weight gain needs to be reversed then weight loss can occur.

  • Tests for hormone levels are very inaccurate and therefore not helpful. The hormone levels vary greatly not just day to day but even throughout the day.

    HRT is best adjusted based on symptoms. We will be checking in with you periodically to see how your symptoms are responding and recommend dose adjustments based on that.

    The body is more sensitive than any laboratory test. The actual lab value isn't really important, what is important is how the body is responding. We are not interested in making the labs look good, we are interested in relieving symptoms. Every one is different in what level of hormones they tolerate without symptoms. The body tells us there is a problem by creating symptoms, that is what we are trying to fix.

    Your Winona physician determines the proper treatment and dosage after you complete the medical intake process.

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