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I used to wake up every night at 2 or 3am- night sweats were no fun! For the last 3 weeks after taking the regimen they are almost gone! I couldn’t be more happier! Thank you!! Thank you!! Leena Arora
So glad I finally found a safe, and easy way to get my menopause symptoms under control. Thank you Winona! Winona Patient
You guys are amazing! This stuff is a miracle! Winona Patient
Awesome on the weight loss! Winona Patient
I fell on the menopause grid, so my hormones were low! Now, I feel like my old self! Winona Patient
It’s awful that menopause isn’t taken seriously. Women get the short end of the stick on everything! … Doctors dismiss symptoms, even female doctors. It’s overwhelming!! ...Thx you for supporting us girls! Winona Patient
I recently started taking your HRT and DHEA. I’m really excited to get back to “me” again! Winona Patient
I went to my female doctor and she told me that women use menopause as an excuse. She instructed me to workout 2 hours a day - very discouraging. Winona Patient
The reason I was depressed when I was going through “the change” was simple (but) doctors would not help me! Every gynecologist I went to would say, “it’s a normal part of aging, just eat less and exercise more! Winona Patient
It took me 6 months to get an appointment with the OB/GYN. I’m 50 years old and going through the beginnings of menopause… Two days before my appointment they told me that they were changing my appointment for three weeks from now because a younger woman needed the appointment… Just because we’re older doesn’t mean we’re washed up! Winona Patient
Winona - you’ve given me hope again! Winona Patient
The only way that I am not able to gain weight is hormone replacement therapy and I work out at the gym five times a week. Otherwise? Forget it! Winona Patient
On hormones, and dirty Keto. Lost 45 lbs! Winona Patient
I feel like doctors don’t really provide much on this topic. Confusing! Why?! Winona Patient
Winona really helped me with my mood swings and my age spots are fading! Winona Patient
I’m telling all of my sisters about it - my mood and energy levels are so much better. Winona Patient

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