Winona is a website that connects users to medical professionals for medical consultations relating to certain women’s health issues.  Consultations between patients and medical professionals through technology where the patient and the medical professional are not at the same location are known as telehealth.  They can occur in real-time through video consultations, or through asynchronous means such as submission of questionnaires and online communications.  The purpose of this form is to explain some of the benefits and risks of telehealth and obtain your consent to receiving medical services through telehealth.  

Consultations between patients and medical professionals through the Winona Website occur primarily through submission of online questionnaires and online communications.   They will not occur in person or by live video. 

Your medical professional will determine through telehealth what course of treatment is appropriate for you.  

Telehealth has many benefits, including:

  • You do not have to leave your home to receive a medical consultation or pick up a prescription.  This saves you time by not having to travel and protects your privacy.

  • It is easier and more efficient for you to access your health care providers when you need to.

  • You can easily receive follow-up consultations from your medical professional. 

There are possible risks to using telehealth, though.  

First, there can be disruption in communication between you and your medical professional if the online connection is interrupted for some reason, or you or your medical professional experience technical difficulties.  

Second, while our Website includes security features to protect your information, there is a risk that unauthorized access to your information still can occur.      

Third, it may be more difficult for medical professionals to properly diagnose you without seeing you in person.  For example, it may be more difficult to perform a physical assessment, to check vitals, and to perform diagnostic tests.

Fourth, your medical provider only treats certain conditions, so you will need to access treatment for other conditions outside of the Winona Website.

Fifth, your medical provider is not a primary care physician and does not have access to medical records prepared by your other healthcare providers.  As a result, he or she does not have access to your medical information, other than what you provide through the online questionnaire or through the Website.  This could lead to, for example, adverse interactions with other medications that you might be taking.

If you decide that receiving medical treatment through telehealth is not the best fit for you, simply deactivate your Winona account.

By accepting this informed consent, you confirm that:

  1. You have read, understand, and accept this Informed Consent.

  2. You understand the risks and benefits of the telehealth services offered through the Website, and that you have determined that telehealth is a good choice for me.  You also understand that none of the benefits are guaranteed or that the treatment provided will improve any of your medical conditions.

  3. It is your responsibility to provide accurate medical information to your medical professional, and that your medical professional might decide that you need to seek treatment for your medical condition from a different provider.

  4. Your treatment and care provided through the Website is limited to certain women’s health services offered through the Website, and treatment for other conditions is not available.

  5. You give your informed consent to telehealth as an acceptable form of delivering healthcare services to you and that this consent will cover all of your telehealth services through the Website.

  6. You may withdraw your informed consent by discontinuing Services through the Website and deactivating your account.

  7. Winona, Inc. is a third party beneficiary of this Informed Consent and has the right to enforce it against you.