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Mood, Anxiety, Depression

Many women have a similar story of beginning to struggle with their mental health as they approach their 40s. This is no coincidence. Menopause can have dramatic effects on mental health, causing a woman to experience mood swings, anxiety, and even depression. 

Throughout our lives, it is natural to experience some hormone fluctuations; beginning with puberty, and continuing monthly through our reproductive years, our hormones affect our moods and mental health. So, just as with pregnancy and menstruation, it is common for women to struggle with mood swings during their menopause transition. A sharp drop or imbalance in estrogen and progesterone levels in menopausal years can have intense results. The menopause transition can last for as many as 20 years, during which mental health challenges can develop and shift. 

If you’re experiencing anxiety and depression during your menopause transition, you’re not alone. At Winona, our doctors can help you understand how to manage these symptoms with the right treatment. Find out more about menopausal mood swings, anxiety, and depression, and learn the best tips for how to address your mental health. 

Mood, Anxiety, Depression

# How Does Menopause Cause Depression?

10 min read - August 02, 2021

Does menopause cause depression? Yes. Menopause can be one of the reasons for depression. Women frequently experience stress, anxiety, mood swings, and depression related to the hormonal changes brought on by perimenopause, and menopause. Menopausal mood disorders are related to the decrease in the production of hormones. To maintain mental harmony, a delicate balance of all hormones is required. Paying attention to healthy eating habits, and leading an active lifestyle, are also important to feelings of wellness and depression prevention. Read on.

How Does Menopause Cause Depression?
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Your questions, answered live

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