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Menopause can be a sensitive topic — no one wants to feel like they’re getting “old.” Speculations about menopause create stigmas and actually prevent women from getting the support and treatment they need - and deserve! - during this stage of their lives. 

To put it simply, menopause is the conclusion of your reproductive cycle: the point at which you’ve gone twelve months without a period. Leading up to this point, you’ll be in perimenopause. This significant phase is marked by the eventual ceasing of monthly menstruation, drops in hormone levels, and symptoms that result from those hormonal fluctuations, like hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, and low libido.

Just because menopause can be defined simply, doesn’t mean the experience is easy. The menopause transition can be overwhelming — some women begin this season of life as early as in their 30s, and many struggle with managing symptoms. Here at Winona, we’re focused on taking care of you and supporting you on this journey. Find out more about your menopausal transition and your symptoms, and learn how to manage them, so you can get on with living your best life.


# Menopausal Side Effects: How Can Menopause Affect Your Mental Health?

7 min read - August 18, 2021

As women, menopause can affect more than our physical health - It can also affect our mental health and well-being. Menopausal side effects often include physical symptoms such as hot flashes, fatigue, night sweats, and sleep disturbances, however, not enough attention is paid to the psychological symptoms women suffer during menopause that affects their mental health. As we age our bodies change, and so does the way in which we feel. This change is typically caused by a drop in hormones; estrogen and progesterone. With a decrease in these hormones levels, women tend to experience mood swings, anxiety, and even depression. Menopausal side effects could be overwhelming and life-changing, so it is important to understand the right steps to manage them. Read on to learn more about menopause side effects and how they can affect your mental health.

Menopausal Side Effects: How Can Menopause Affect Your Mental Health?

# Menopause and Acne: 5 Ways to Achieve Clear Skin

9 min read - August 16, 2021

Mother Nature is acting up again and giving us acne in middle age. As if mood swings, thermostat issues, low libido, and changing metabolism weren’t enough, here we are breaking out like teenagers in combination with wrinkles and facial hair! Menopause and acne - fabulous. With menopause, we do have an acne-prone face and can experience facial breakouts more often. At this stage of life, we are worrying about wrinkles, facial blemishes and even scarring on our faces. Gentle facials for acne are a great option but we do not recommend home blackhead extractions. DIY blackhead extractions can lead to infection, scarring, and worsening skin. Read on.

Menopause and Acne: 5 Ways to Achieve Clear Skin

# Menopause Awareness: Everything You Need to Know

7 min read - August 13, 2021

Menopause awareness means paying attention to menopause and all of the symptoms associated with it. With menopause support from Winona, you have the opportunity to take preventive action against health risks associated with the ever-decreasing hormones as we age. Take action by using natural menopause relief in the form of HRT and other natural remedies. Winona believes that if women embrace their evolving bodies by providing the nutrients their body needs, they can move through this sometimes precarious phase with grace and wellness. To know more about menopause awareness. Visit us now!

Menopause Awareness: Everything You Need to Know

# Natural Remedies for Menopause Symptoms

18 min read - July 12, 2021

While there is no ‘treatment’ for menopause, there are many natural remedies for menopause symptoms. Treating the often-chronic symptoms of perimenopause and menopause is critical to your health and wellness. Menopause is a normal phase of life, there are ways to treat the often-chronic symptoms that result from it. Winona encourages women to try various treatment options whether HRT, diet, or lifestyle changes to identify what works best for them. Read more.

Natural Remedies for Menopause Symptoms

# Effective Perimenopause Treatments

15 min read - July 12, 2021

“Am I in perimenopause?” This can be a very troubling question for many women. Most women want to hold onto their youth as long as possible and let’s face it, menopause just feels ‘old.’ Don’t let the stigma of menopause keep you from receiving effective perimenopause treatments. It is totally normal phase of life, but there are ways to treat these annoying perimenopause symptoms that result from it. At Winona, we are creating modern menopause that is not old, not even close! Find out more.

Effective Perimenopause Treatments

# 5 Reasons Why Vitamins for Menopause Are Important

9 min read - July 12, 2021

We are exploring 5 reasons how vitamins for menopause are important, by presenting the results of the latest studies about over-the-counter supplements and hormone replacement therapy (HRT). We will also review the direct correlation between the levels of vitamins and their influence on a woman’s body and her quality of life. For example, we know that proper supplementation and hormone replacement therapy can serve as hot flash medicine and in the prevention of breast cancer.  

5 Reasons Why Vitamins for Menopause Are Important
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Your questions, answered live

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